Becoming a healthy 200-year-old


It seems reasonable to believe you can live at most 120 years before dying of old age. It has always been that way and even reaching 100 years is only given to 0.01% of all people. However, these are not ordinary times: medicine and (bio)technology are advancing rapidly. As a result, there is every reason to believe we may get to live much longer than 120 years: if you think you have only 30 years ahead of you, you may actually be able to become a healthy 200-year-old!

How to become a healthy 200-year-old

The main challenges to becoming a healthy 200-year-old are currently:

  • ensuring you stay alive until the treatments that will make this possible arrive and
  • separating the treatments that actually work from the ones that don’t deliver on their promises.

We meet those challenges by explaining what you can do right now to grow old as healthily as possible and by investigating rejuvenation treatments as they become available.

The main areas of this site are:

  • The causes of aging, where it is explained what aging is and what can be done about it,
  • Things you can do right know, which describes the top things you can start doing right now to live a longer, healthier life,
  • Available rejuvenation treatments which describes the treatments currently available and
  • The future where the various approaches to ending aging that are currently being investigated are described, limited to those we believe are most likely to yield results, with a focus on those we expect to become available soon.