Available rejuvenation therapies

There are currently only few rejuvenation therapies available that actually work. Their effects are small and they usually address specific aging-related diseases instead of providing broad rejuvenation. But the older you are, the more damage there is to repair, the more effective they are. If you are over fifty these treatments may already be well worth the money!

Sites and people claiming broadly functional rejuvenation therapies should be regarded with caution: they often suffer from wishful thinking at best and are fraud or quackery at worst. There are also many therapies marketed as anti-aging that are purely cosmetic in nature and do not change your life expectancy or chance of aging healthily. It can thus be pretty hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, especially if you have no intent of becoming an expert in the field.

These are the currently available rejuvenation therapies we expect to increase your chances of becoming a healthy 200-year-old:

  • MitoQ and SkQ are compounds engineered to deliver coenzyme Q10 to mitochondria1,2. They result in reparation and replacement of damaged mitochondria.
  • Quercetin + dasatinib


  1. MitoQ = Targeted CoQ10
  2. Results from a Human Trial of Mitochondrially Targeted Antioxidant MitoQ