MitoQ and SkQ

MitoQ and SkQ are two supplements that have been created with the goal of delivering coenzyme Q10 to your cells1,2. Coenzyme Q10 is readily for sale as a supplement, but when taking the ‘pure’ form, almost none of it enters your blood stream and even less enters your cells.

MitoQ and SkQ are the result of connecting coenzyme Q10 to a molecule that easily enters the blood stream and cells, taking the coenzyme Q10 with it.

The intended result of more coenzyme Q10 in your cells is reparation and replacement of damaged mitochondria and cells. This addresses both the problems of mitochondrial DNA damage and death-resistant cells. As the linked references show, this seems to work, without any observed side effects.

MitoQ is available from Amazon or directly from the horse’s mouth.

SkQ is available from Cosmic Nootropic. It is also available in the form of eye drops, which is marketed as being effective against various old-age eye diseases.



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